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Mobsteel • 702 Advance Street Brighton, MI 48116 • 810.333.6100 •
Long Live Detroit
  At Mobsteel we build the sickest rides that ooze style. When you roll up in a Mobsteel edition ride heads turn and people are not sure if you are going to step out in a suit or with a sawed off shot gun. Let them think what they want, but know this, they will be thinking… We start with Detroit's finest vintage luxury cars and turn them into modern day menacing street machines with the technology and features only available today. The cars we build are a part of American history; Vintage Detroit steel, not some fiberglass repro. Steel with soul and a story. The blood, sweat and tears of our family and friends are in these motors, frames and bodies. At Mobsteel we take it to the next level.  
1964 Hardtop Sedan
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