We Love Hearing From You!

In an effort to streamline incoming communications with Mobsteel and provide our clients with the quickest response time, we have several options of contacting us based upon your request.

To contact Mobsteel, you can always call us direct at 810.333.6100 or for general inquiries, please email us at info@mobsteel.com


Looking to sell Mobsteel your vehicle?

We get asked all the time if we are interested in buying cars…… Absolutely!

In order for us to get it to the right people and get you a fast response, please send the following to ridesforsale@mobsteel.com

  • Year, Make, Model
  • Mileage
  • Description: The good, the bad and the ugly details
  • Asking Price
  • Include photos

Send it in and if the gang is interested, we will contact you. Thanks!

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Are you interested in having your car built on Detroit Steel?

We build them, but we don’t pick which builds will be on the show!

The builds are actually picked by the production company as well as the network. All the builds for “Detroit Steel” Season 1 have already been chosen but you are welcome to submit your car, some pics, your budget and your story. We will be happy to provide it to them for season 2.

Email submissions to: detroitsteel2@mobsteel.com

Thanks so much for watching Detroit Steel on the History Channel and for supporting Mobsteel!


Are you interested in having Mobsteel build you a car?

Right now, Mobsteel is currently booked for the next 24 months on builds. But… we do have a waitlist going.

If you have time to spare and you want your build added to the list, please email your contact info, vehicle, project details and budget to waitlist@mobsteel.com

Once a spot becomes available, we will contact you to see if you still want to build an awesome ride together.

Thanks so much for considering us as your car builder!

Detroit Steel Wheel Co.

Looking for Detroit Steel Wheel info or to place an order?

Check out our Detroit Steel Wheel website to download our 2017 Wheel Catalog, Order Form and to see a ton of photos of our wheels and our customers rides.

Orders and general inquires for Detroit Steel Wheel Co can be made over the phone at 810.333.6100 or can be emailed to: Orders@mobsteel.com

Need to Return or Exchange?

Did you place an apparel order through www.mobsteel.com/shop and need to place a return or an exchange? We are happy to help you with that. Please fill out our Return/Exchange form and send it back with your original order in its original packaging.

If you have any questions regarding your return/exchange, please feel free to contact us at 810.333.6100

Would You Like Mobsteel To Attend An Event?

If you are requesting Mobsteel’s participation in an upcoming event, car show or appearance, please click here and fill out our Appearance Request Form.

Thank You!