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Our Crew

Adam Genei
Adam GeneiOwner
Adam Genei is the owner and creative soul of Mobsteel. He supports his city and American engineering by transforming vintage cars into custom, modern rides that mix Detroit’s celebrated past and its evolving future.
Pam Genei
Pam GeneiOwner
Pam Genei is Adam’s wife, business partner, and the financial mastermind behind Mobsteel.
Ron Coan
Ron CoanPainter
Ron Coan is the artist behind Mobsteel’s eye-catching paint jobs.
Steve Ryan
Steve RyanFabricator
Steve “Steve-O” Ryan is Mobsteel’s welder, steel wheel fabricator, and Adam’s right-hand man.
Doug Hanes
Doug HanesMechanic
Doug Hanes is the Mobsteel resident mechanic.
Allison Jacot
Allison JacotSales
Cody Goodman
Cody GoodmanWheel Production
Emma Sauve
Emma SauveCreative / Social Media
Jay Orvis
Jay OrvisFabrication / Wheel Production
Tricia Patterson
Tricia PattersonSales / Marketing

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